A car accident can be a jarring experience. But how can you tell if you have sustained a personal injury that will allow you to seek damages? “Personal injury” is a legal term referring to a demonstrable illness or injury that could be eligible for a financial settlement in a civil case. Personal injury is any type of injury that happens to the person, and not to the property. Personal injuries can be caused by a wide variety of things, from car accidents to slip and falls.

If you think this definition applies to your car accident case, you should contact our personal injury attorney for legal advice before speaking to your insurance representative. Attorney Big Al and the Law Office of Richard Klein, a law firm in Baltimore, MD, provide further details about what qualifies as a personal injury under an insurance claim. To learn more, see Personal Injury.

What Qualifies as a Personal Injury in Baltimore Maryland?

Damage That Accrues Medical Bills

An auto collision can take a physical toll on the bodies of those involved in the accident. If you or another individual is severely hurt at the scene of the incident, you should call 911. Emergency services can provide prompt medical treatment.

However, some people do not notice injuries until after they leave the scene of a car accident. If you notice soreness or pain, you should visit an urgent care center for a medical evaluation. Keep any paperwork or documentation related to your medical care related to the accident, as this may be used as evidence if you file a personal injury claim with your insurance company.

Damage That Negatively Impacts Your Wages

If injuries related to a car accident interfere with your ability to go to work, you may be entitled to compensation in a personal injury claim. Any wages that you would have otherwise earned if you were not impeded by a car accident injury could qualify for this type of claim.

More specific instances, such as missed work hours due to attending a doctor’s appointment related to a car accident, can vary as far as whether the lost wages would be eligible under this claim. You can get legal advice specific to your case when you schedule a call with a personal injury attorney. To learn more about personal injury representation after a car accident, see Car Accidents.

Emotional Damages

The stress and fear in the aftermath of a car accident can create psychological or emotional distress. Emotional trauma, or disruptions to your quality of life after a car accident, can count as a personal injury.

Mental health concerns like PTSD, anxiety, and depression can have a lasting effect on your life. You can receive compensation for this type of suffering after an auto accident. Your personal injury attorney can consult with you about the settlement you could receive with these damages.

Will My Insurance Cover Personal Injury?

Personal injuries are typically covered by two types of insurance: personal liability insurance and medical payments coverage. Personal liability insurance covers you for damages that you cause to other people. Medical payments coverage pays for your medical bills.

Personal liability insurance is typically purchased by those who are self-employed, or those with a high net worth. In the United States, this insurance is typically purchased through an employer. If you were to be sued for your negligence, it would be covered by personal liability insurance.

Medical payments coverage are usually bought as a part of another policy (such as home or car) and is designed to cover non-emergency medical costs. In the United States, this type of coverage is often called HMO, or Health Maintenance Organization.

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