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Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident in Maryland can feel overwhelming. You’ve got medical bills piling up and insurance claims to figure out, so it’s super important to know what your rights are. In this blog post, we’re focusing on pedestrian accidents in Baltimore, highlighting some key facts and typical situations that happen. It’s really important for both walkers and drivers in Maryland to understand their legal rights when these things occur. Attorney Big Al is here to help you through it all by offering a free consultation and expert advice aimed at getting you fair compensation for your troubles. Let’s walk through the legal steps together.

Understanding Baltimore Pedestrian Accidents

Understanding pedestrian accidents in Baltimore means getting to know the important numbers and usual situations that lead to these mishaps. In a busy place like Baltimore, knowing what rights walkers and drivers have under Maryland law is really important when figuring out who’s at fault and who should be responsible. It’s key to look into laws about when pedestrians have the right of way and what drivers need to do around people walking. By being clued up on these legal details, it becomes easier for everyone involved in an accident to work through the mess and make sure fair compensation is given where it’s due.

Key Statistics And Why They Matter

In 2019, Maryland saw a worrying number of pedestrian deaths, hitting 133. This highlights just how often these sad events happen. Getting to grips with this data is really important because it shows us the dangers that people walking face every day. When we look closer at the numbers, we can spot trends about where most accidents occur and what causes them, which helps in trying to stop them from happening again. By digging into these crucial stats, we understand better why it’s so important to make sure pedestrians are safe and why traffic rules need to be strictly followed. Realizing how critical these figures are points out the need for taking steps beforehand to keep walkers safe and making sure there’s a way to get justice if someone gets hurt.

Common Scenarios Leading To Pedestrian Accidents

When people walk around paying more attention to their gadgets than the traffic, it’s really risky. Walking across streets where you’re not supposed to also makes accidents more likely. It’s harder for drivers and walkers to see each other at night or when the weather is bad, which can cause crashes. A lot of times, cars don’t stop like they should for people walking at crosswalks or corners. Cars going too fast in places where lots of people live make it even more dangerous for folks on foot. By getting what causes these problems, we can all do a better job keeping each other safe on the roads.

Legal Rights Of Pedestrians And Drivers In Maryland

In Maryland, both people walking and those driving have certain rules to follow. When crossing the street, pedestrians usually get to go first, and drivers should wait for them. But if there’s a crosswalk around, that’s where pedestrians are supposed to cross; they shouldn’t jaywalk. If an accident happens, Maryland uses contributory negligence laws, which means that if the other driver is found to be even slightly at fault, the injured party may not receive any compensation for damages. Additionally, in some cases, the government agency in charge of maintaining the road may also be held liable for poor road conditions or malfunctioning safety lights. Drivers need to be careful and stick to traffic rules so everyone stays safe on the road. It’s really important for everyone to know these rights when it comes down to situations involving walkers and cars.

Pedestrian Right-of-Way Laws

In Maryland, laws that give pedestrians the right to go first are super important for keeping everyone safe on the streets. When people are walking across the street at places marked for crossing or at corners, they get to go before cars. It’s really important for folks driving to stop and let walkers go ahead in these spots. Knowing and sticking to these rules helps avoid crashes and keeps lives safe. If there ever is an accident involving a pedestrian, getting help from a Maryland accident lawyer who knows all about personal injury stuff in Maryland, like Attorney Big Al, can be really helpful for advice and support.

Driver Responsibilities Towards Pedestrians

As a driver, it’s really important to know how you should act around people walking on the streets for everyone’s safety. According to Maryland law, when you’re driving and come across crosswalks or places where roads intersect, you have to let pedestrians go first. It’s super important to be extra careful in busy spots like near schools or downtown areas. Making sure you stick to the speed limit, not getting distracted by things like texting while driving, and always being alert can make a big difference in avoiding accidents with pedestrians. In short, treating walkers with respect and putting their safety first is not just about following the rules but also making the roads safer for all of us who use them. Click Maryland Accident Attorney | Attorney Big Al for more details.

How Attorney Big Al Can Help After A Pedestrian Accident

If you or someone close to you got hurt in a pedestrian accident in Maryland, getting help from an experienced Maryland accident lawyer like Attorney Big Al could really change things for the better when dealing with personal injury law. With Attorney Big Al, your first meeting is free so he can get a good understanding of what happened and figure out the best legal options for you. Thanks to his years of experience working on cases just like yours, he knows how to put together a strong case by collecting all the important evidence and paperwork needed to make sure you get fair compensation for your injuries, including navigating the complex world of auto insurance on a contingency fee basis.

Free Initial Consultation: What To Expect

When you chat with Attorney Big Al for the first time, and it won’t cost you anything, we’ll dive deep into what happened during your pedestrian accident in Baltimore. We’re going to look over every detail of what went down, check out any medical bills or treatments you’ve had to deal with, and talk about the legal options available to you, including a potential settlement offer from the insurance company. Our team knows their stuff inside out and will make sure all your questions are answered. They’ll also show how they plan on fighting to get you fair compensation for the harm done to you. This meeting is a chance for us to lay everything out so that there’s no confusion about what comes next and how we’re going by your side at each step of the way towards getting the best outcome possible.

Building Your Case: Gathering Evidence And Documentation

After someone gets hit by a car in Maryland, it’s really important to collect all the information and proof you can to make your case strong. This means writing down everything that happened, getting hold of your medical records, what the police found out, and what people who saw it happen say. Taking pictures of where it happened, any injuries you got, and anything that got broken is key, as well as documenting the weather conditions at the time of the accident. Keep an eye on how much money you’re spending on doctor visits and treatments as well as keeping notes on talks with insurance companies. Gathering evidence, including statements and phone numbers from witnesses, is crucial for building a strong case. A lawyer from Maryland who knows a lot about accidents like Attorney Big Al can help make sure you’re doing everything right so that all this evidence helps with your claim.


If you get hit as a pedestrian in Maryland, it’s important to quickly look for legal advice. Someone like Attorney Big Al, who knows the ins and outs of personal injury law really well, can make sure you’re treated fairly and get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. With laws that limit how long you have to take action, there’s no time to waste. Lawyers with experience are good at handling insurance companies and putting together a solid case for people they represent. It’s key to remember that you’ve got rights and choices when it comes to the law; don’t be shy about getting a committed legal team on your side. Call Attorney Big Al today!

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