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Intersection Car Accident Lawyer Baltimore, MD

Car accidents commonly occur at intersections and as a victim of this ty   pe of accident, hiring an experienced Baltimore car accident lawyer plays a key role in having a successful case. If you have been injured in a car accident that occurred in an intersection, proving who was “at-fault” is the first step in order to seek compensation and damages. Attorney Big Al, Law Office Of Richard Klein works with victims every day to seek justice on their behalf against at-fault drivers.

Intersection car accidents are a major cause of road traffic accidents. This is because drivers are not able to see the other vehicle coming from the side, or they have not seen the driver at all. This can be attributed to blind spots.

The blind spot on a car is an area in which a driver cannot see with their mirrors and where there are no headlights or taillights coming from other vehicles. This is due to the way that cars are designed, as well as the fact that roads are curved and don’t allow for perfect visibility of all areas around them.

intersection car accident lawyer in Baltimore and Prince George's County

Proving Fault in Intersection Car Accidents

A common type of car accident is the intersection car accident. These accidents happen when two cars meet at an intersection, and one driver does not stop for the other car. In these types of accidents, it can be difficult to determine which driver was at fault for the collision.

The first way to prove fault in an intersection car accident is by looking at who stopped first and had the right-of-way. If one driver was turning right and the other driver was going straight through an intersection, then the turning driver would have had the right-of-way if they stopped first. If both drivers were going straight through an intersection, then each driver will share a 50% chance of being found at fault for the collision. Another way to prove fault in an intersection car accident is by looking at who had more time to stop before they collided with each other. Speeding plays a significant factor in the ability to stop in time.

The main elements in a car accident case revolve around the need to prove duty, negligence, and fault against the responsible driver. It is necessary to prove 100% fault in order to be awarded compensation and damages as a car accident victim.

Your local Prince George’s County and Baltimore Attorney Big Al, Law Office Of Richard Klein has the experience, connections, and financial resources to fight for you. We will seek justice on your behalf.

When “fault” is not immediately obvious, or when it is called into question, our team can use a variety of resources to establish your case. Reconstruction of the accident scene, securing witness accounts, and other means of evidence collection require the expertise and knowledge of a car accident lawyer. Attorney Big Al, Law Office Of Richard Klein has this expertise and knowledge. We are committed to representing victims facing challenges from insurance companies. to learn more about personal injury claims, see Personal Injury.

Your Intersection Car Accident Lawyer in Baltimore

If you need an accident attorney to fight for you, contact Attorney Big Al, Law Office Of Richard Klein today. Part of the national Big Al legal network, Attorney Big Al, Law Office of Richard R. Klein leads an experienced legal team dedicated to the rights of car accident victims. We seek justice so that you can be compensated for losses associated with a car accident including medical bills, lost wages, and emotional distress affecting your quality of life.