A car accident can wreak serious havoc on your vehicle. But this incident can also hurt you in multiple ways. Personal injury refers to any type of damage that happens to you in the event of a vehicular accident. Examples include medical concerns, emotional trauma, or lost wages.

If you suffered a personal injury in a car accident caused by another driver, you could be entitled to financial compensation. You likely wonder how much money you could collect from your claim, but calculating this total is not always simple. A number of aspects will influence the amount of your settlement.

An experienced personal injury lawyer at Attorney Big Al, Law Office of Richard Klein in Baltimore, MD can help you get a solid idea about how much money you can expect from your unique case. But you can also read on to learn about three factors that an insurance company will consider when determining financial compensation amounts in a personal injury case after a car accident.

Factors Affecting Your Settlement Amount

Extent of Your Injury

Auto accidents have a high likelihood of bodily harm because of the seriousness of vehicular impact. Contact emergency services if you or anyone else suffers a severe injury at the scene of the accident. But not all injuries caused by a car accident are immediately evident at the time of the incident.

Sometimes you might not notice pain, stiffness, or other medical issues until after you leave the scene. Even after you head home, you should contact a medical provider about any health concerns so that you can receive a thorough evaluation.

Keep any documentation related to visits with a doctor regarding injuries from a car accident. This paperwork can be used as evidence of personal injury if you intend to file a claim with your insurance company.

When it comes to calculating the financial compensation, the total will vary in each unique case. But you can expect that a grave injury that results in permanent damage to the body may result in higher compensation than an injury that will heal completely over time.

Economic Damages

The definition of personal injury extends beyond medical bills and bodily harm. If your injury sustained during a car accident affects your ability to work, it will factor into your settlement. The insurance company will consider lost wages that you would otherwise earn if not for car accident injuries when determining your financial compensation.

Emotional and psychological distress stemming from the car accident can be highly disruptive to your life. Mental health concerns can also be considered when calculating your personal injury settlement, so do not hide these damages.

Strength of Your Case

You can have a greater chance of earning the highest amount of financial compensation that you deserve after a car accident when you have a strong case. Consulting with a personal injury attorney will ensure you have all the necessary details relevant to your claim. Then you can establish a clear cause between your injuries and the car accident.

Smaller details like the quality of evidence or witnesses may make a major difference in your case. To ensure you get the maximum compensation that you deserve, you should talk to an expert lawyer. Schedule a consultation at no charge to you by calling Attorney Big Al at 410.291.8012.

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