Where Do Car Accidents Happen Most?

Where Do Car Accidents Happen Most

Vehicular accidents occur every day. But when it happens to you, you can feel shaken, overwhelmed, and unsure of what to do. If you suffer a personal injury in the wake of a car crash, you might not realize you could be entitled to financial compensation. An experienced attorney at Big Al, Law Office of […]

Avoid a Car Accident with Summer Safety Tips

Avoid a Car Accident with Summer Safety Tips

Many people enjoy summertime and the warm, sunny weather these months of the year bring. This season also inspires many individuals to travel or take road trips, meaning you might plan to spend a great deal of time on the road. Even with pleasant weather encouraging good driving conditions, summer can create unique dangers on […]

What to Do If You See a Distracted Driver

safe driving behavior prevents car accidents

You employ safe driving habits every time you get behind the wheel. Though you can control your own actions as you drive, you cannot control outside factors, including other drivers. Thousands of car accidents occur because of distracted driving in the United States. Distracted driving refers to when a driver engages in behaviors that draw […]

Are Electric Cars Safer to Drive?

electric car charging

With more electric vehicles on the roads these days, many drivers wonder if they should make the switch to driving an electrical car. The environmental advantage of this type of vehicle is clear. But people also want to make sure that this car will be safe to operate. Recent research from the Insurance Institute for […]

What to Do When Being Tailgated

unsafe driving habits tailgating

It can be frustrating when you take precautions to drive safely on the road and other drivers do not do the same. You likely have been in a situation where the car behind you on the road drives very close to your vehicle. This unsafe driving maneuver is called tailgating. You might feel stressed by […]

Safe Driving in Rainy Weather

prevent a car accident Baltimore Maryland

Though summer brings sunny, warm, and pleasant weather, it can also bring storms in Maryland. Rain can be irritating, but it can also impact your driving conditions. The likelihood of an automobile collision increases exponentially during inclement weather. However, sometimes you need to drive during rainy weather conditions. If you get into a car accident […]

Tips for Avoiding Rear-End Collisions

safe driving tips Baltimore Maryland

A rear-end collision occurs when the front of one vehicle hits the back of another one. Though these might seem like minor traffic incidents, this type of car accident can result in significant and costly damages. Whether you are in the car that is struck from behind or the one crashing into the back of […]

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