Many people enjoy summertime and the warm, sunny weather these months of the year bring. This season also inspires many individuals to travel or take road trips, meaning you might plan to spend a great deal of time on the road. Even with pleasant weather encouraging good driving conditions, summer can create unique dangers on the road.

Staying prepared for these potential risks can ensure that you can remain safe and prevent dangerous scenarios behind the wheel. Discover safe driving advice in this month’s blog that can help you avoid a vehicular accident this summer. But if you do become involved in a car wreck, do not hesitate to call a personal injury lawyer, like Attorney Big Al, Law Office Of Richard Klein, if you intend to file an insurance claim.

Avoid a Car Accident with Summer Safety Tips

Check Your Vehicle Before a Road Trip

You should make sure your car is working properly before you embark on a road trip this summer. A malfunctioning vehicle could put you at a high risk of getting into a car accident. So you should take the time to check each feature in your car prior to hitting the road.

You should ensure your car is up to date regarding oil changes, tune-ups, and other routine maintenance. These services keep your car running smoothly. You will also want to look at your tires and check their air pressure. Improperly filled tires could blow out on the road, which will pose a serious safety risk.

You should also check your lights, including headlights, brake lights, and turn signals. These features of your car play a major role in indicating your position and intention on the road to other drivers. It is also a good idea to pack an emergency kit for your car that includes flares, jumper cables, a first aid kit, and other tools that can help you if you need roadside assistance.

Prepare for Distracting Sunlight

Soaking up sunlight is a favorite pastime for many people in the summer. Though sunny skies point to good weather conditions, too much sun can impact your visibility while you drive. Prepare for excess sunlight ahead of your car trip so that you can continue to drive safely.

Consider which direction you are driving in conjunction with the time of day. If you drive west during the sunset, you might expect the sun to shine directly in your line of sight. Use the visors in your car as needed. You may also benefit from sunglasses which will filter out harmful UV rays from your eyes as well as reduce eye strain.

Pay Attention to Your Surroundings

Remaining alert and aware of your surroundings is a crucial part of driving during any time of year. But during the summer, you might see more pedestrians and cyclists on the road that you need to look for as you operate your vehicle.

Also, during the summer months, the weather can change quite rapidly. You might see sunny skies turn to heavy rainstorms within minutes. You must stay prepared for this quick change in weather conditions and continue paying attention should this change arise.

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